Sunday, November 11, 2012

Welcome and information.


Being that I sort of just dove right in to this and failed to put any real information regarding my site...I suppose better late than never, right? My blog is essentially a horror blog (I'm sure you're aware) covering movies, books, new releases and my thoughts and reviews on both. I hope to give you a unique perspective on the world of horror, as well as entertaining and/or informing you in the process. 

I believe the world of horror as a whole is entirely misunderstood as an art form and a genre. Not may individuals see past the gore and blood. They tend to (as the majority of society does) take it for just the 'Shock' value. I hope my entries can entice you to open your mind to the wonderful world of alternative arts.

That being said I would like to touch on a few topics. Firstly my  consistency with subjects will be... Nonexistent. What can I say? I see a pretty bird and then I decide to make a sandwich but damn is that window shiny...Expect this, embrace it. Now, on to my tiny tidbits of random albeit important information.

First off my 'ROARERS' section, this will just be a section of supporters and collaborations. I am pretty new to this but I hope to eventually have guest writers, contests and other things of this sort. As we all know this isn't always possible without sponsors or good friends. This is really just a thought for now, hopefully manifesting itself in reality in the future.

Some necessary mentions for now are my friend and fellow blogger: Shawn D. While his site covers absolutely nothing horror I feel he has a wonderful insight to government corruption and esoteric agendas. Definitely worth a look. Which I can confidently say will turn into an obsession.

I would also like to mention the Horror Blogger Alliance a wonderful site dedicated to people like me (and hopefully you) which helps direct and promote us horror lovers of all types. Which I am proudly a member of. Do take a look.

Now, I am sure you are tired of reading this as I am officially tired of writing it. THANK YOU for visiting my site and I hope you intend to make a habit of it. I will try and keep it updated fairly often.


  1. no thank you...

    HBA Welcome Wagon...
    Wanted to let you know, you part of the Alliance. Please stop by and check to make sure your link is correct. Remember to say Thank You and feel free to visit the other HBA Members. Also if you have "CAPTCHA" on, you might want to turn it off... people hate it, okay I hate it.

    Jeremy [Retro]
    Visit The Madness:
    HBA Curator

  2. "CAPTCHA" officially disengaged. I'm with you...No one likes spending 12 hours attempting to decipher that code. Ironically, it seems only a robot could do it.


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